“Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 2 “Synthesis”

“Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 2 “Synthesis”

UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 2 “Synthesis” are a part of UP Board Master for Class 12 English. Right here we now have given UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 2 “Synthesis”.

BoardUP Board
ClassClass 12
TopicEnglish Grammar
Chapter Title“Synthesis”
ClassClass 12 English

UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 2 “Synthesis”

Train 1

  1. He got here in singing.
  2. Seeing a lion he ran away.
  3. Opening the cabinet, he took out his shirt.
  4. It being chilly, we stayed indoors.
  5. Whereas taking part in, I fell down.
  6. Overwhelmed by the police, he fainted.
  7. Turning to the appropriate you’ll attain my home.
  8. Seeing a big ship, I went to its captain directly
  9. I noticed a beggar begging on the platform.
  10. The police arrested a thief working on the highway.

Train 2

  1. The drained traveller sat within the shade of a tree.
  2. The letter was so badly written that I couldn’t learn it.
  3. The boy is looking for his misplaced books.
  4. The door being locked, we needed to wait outdoors.
  5. Being within the film they purchased tickets.
  6. No one touched the rotten mangoes.
  7. He was not prepared to exit in torn garments.
  8. Being deceived by his mates, he was very unhappy.
  9. Accompanied by his brother, he went outdoors.
  10. I introduced my mended fan dwelling.

Train 3

  1. Having taught the scholars, the trainer went dwelling.
  2. Having been rebuked by his father, the son left dwelling.
  3. Having cooked the meals, she put it into the cup board.
  4. Having relaxed for an hour, they began their journey once more.
  5. The boat having anchored, we landed on the shore.
  6. Having been warned of the hazard, he escaped unharmed.
  7. Having been caught by the police, the terrorist dedicated suicide.
  8. Having failed in her try twice, she gave up the concept of attempting as soon as extra.
  9. The college having been closed, the kids dispersed to their houses.
  10. Having completed the e-book, I put in on the shelf.

Train 4

  1. The door being locked we needed to wait outdoors.
  2. The police arrested a thief working on the highway.
  3. Having taken my breakfast I went to my faculty.
  4. Seeing a snake, some farmers ran away directly.
  5. Having reached the play floor the principal made a brief speech.
  6. The principal came upon some college students copying.
  7. Having washed the garments, the washerman went dwelling.
  8. Having been punished by the trainer she started to weep.
  9. Having gone to Mumbai last yr, I met a movie star.
  10. Being unwilling to take any medication, he went to sleep.
  11. Having obtained no reply, I despatched him one other letter.
  12. This poor man handed his life working and laughing

Train 5

  1. I hope to cross the examination this yr.
  2. Inspite of each physique’s dying someday, no physique likes to die.
  3. He went to station to farewell, his company.
  4. They’ll go to market to purchase fruits.
  5. Give me some cash to purchase some books.
  6. We went to Delhi to see the Pink Fort.
  7. She goes to health club every day to scale back her weight.
  8. I’ve sweets to be eaten.
  9. He has some information to be signed at the moment.
  10. They congratulated me to listen to about my son’s marriage.

Train 6

  1. On seeing the principal within the verandah, I ran away directly.
  2. For killing a person two murderers have been caught crimson handed.
  3. I play all of the video games besides taking part in hockey.
  4. On checking your all workout routines, the trainer discovered many errors in them.
  5. After ending his homework he went out to play.
  6. On discovering two college students copying the invigilator cancelled their examination.
  7. On having arms of their palms, the troopers have been marching with pleasure.
  8. On his successful the primary prize of lottery my father may be very pleased.
  9. Inspite of his being ungrateful I assist him a lot.
  10.  You possibly can escape the punishment solely after telling me the key.

Train 7

  1. Now we have seen the Taj, one of many seven wonders of the world.
  2. I punished Ravindra, a naughty boy of his class.
  3. Columbus, a person of nice braveness, found America.
  4. Tagore, the creator of Gitanjali, was a well-known poet of India.
  5. Mr. Lal, the district Justice of the Peace, lived in Kolkata, one of many largest cities of India.
  6. The cow offers us milk, probably the most nourishing meals.
  7. His uncle, a terrific social employee, is the richest man of the city.
  8. Ramesh, probably the most clever boy of his class, has been chosen in C.P.M.T.
  9. Marina, a really sincere artist, is a photographer.
  10. Newton, a well-known scientist, made many innovations.
  11. American President has arrived in Delhi, the capital of India.
  12. Mr. Verma, our good principal, is a resident of Maharashtra.

Train 8

  1. The practice having arrived, the passengers stood up.
  2. The second present being over, the folks have gone to their homes.
  3. The solar having risen, the birds made a noise.
  4. The time being over, now cease writing.
  5. The papers having been distributed, the scholars began writing.
  6. The practice having arrived, the hawkers made a noise.
  7. The officer being out of his workplace, the clerks made a variety of a noise.
  8. The curtain having been dropped, the folks went to their homes.
  9. The fireplace having damaged out, all the employees ran out of the manufacturing facility.
  10. The match having been received, all of the gamers are making merry.
  11. The police having arrived, all of the strikers ran away in concern.
  12. The commander having blown his horn, all of the scouts change into alert.

Train 9

  1. Actually he was a terrific favorite of his lecturers.
  2. He commonly takes a balanced uiti.
  3. Regratefuly, they admitted their crime.
  4. Carelessly, he failed within the examination.
  5. Hurriedly, my pal got here right here.
  6. Fortunately I bought no damage within the accident.
  7. Slowly, the kids develop as much as be younger.
  8. The dacoits murdered the outdated man cruelly.
  9. The folks couldn’t run quick.
  10. Quickly, he progressed a lot.
  11. Sadly this cow will die quickly.
  12. He fought the election in useless.

Train 10

  1. The principal punished Suresh.
  2. I’ve a Medico pen.
  3. I met a minister with my uncle.
  4. I met my pal Harish.
  5. A boy was working on the highway.
  6. I stay at Khatauli with my uncle.
  7. He bought a T.V. and a cooler.
  8. I eat bread with butter.
  9. Will you inform me the intention of your life?
  10. He eats fruits and inexperienced greens every day.
  11. Please inform me your handle.
  12. They sing poems in addition to songs.

Train 11

  1. I don’t like this soiled metropolis.
  2. Kamal is a really sincere chief.
  3. The boys are sitting on the inexperienced grass.
  4. Your brother is a really well-known physician.
  5. You reside in a really ethereal home.
  6. My grandmother advised me a really attention-grabbing story.
  7. Pt. Nehru was the primary prime Minister of India.
  8. There was a really thirsty crow.
  9. In outdated age he misplaced his energy.
  10. I bought many valuable items.
  11. A wealthy man had a brand new automotive.
  12. I’ve learn these very attention-grabbing books.

Train 12

  1. I have no idea the place the thief has run away.
  2. Inform me why you aren’t working arduous.
  3. I requested him if he would go to Delhi on Monday.
  4. It isn’t identified who entered the home.
  5. I consider in what he advises me.
  6. The information that he has received the election is fallacious.
  7. Take heed to what your lecturers say.
  8. Iam apprehensive why my son didn’t come.
  9. It isn’t sure how lengthy I shall train him.
  10. Will you inform me why you didn’t attend the wedding of your pal?
  11. The issue is who will bell the cat.
  12. Do you know that the trainer could be offended?

Train 13

  1. The boy who has misplaced his watch may be very poor.
  2. The boy who was speaking with you is our monitor.
  3. The boy who stood first this yr is my pal.
  4. I shall go to Kanpur by the practice which fits by way of Khurja.
  5. Take my pen which you want.
  6. Don’t preserve the corporate of the scholars who abuse others.
  7. This is similar home which I purchased 4 years in the past.
  8. Have you learnt the rationale why he failed within the examination ?
  9. All know Makhan very nicely who’s an artist.
  10. The trainer who teaches me is my father’s pal.
  11. I do know the place the place Shastriji was born.
  12. All issues which glitter should not gold.

Train 14

  1. He failed within the examination as a result of he didn’t work arduous.
  2. Though I’ve no bicy e but I’ll attain in time.
  3. As quickly because the circus began, it started to rain closely.
  4. Though we’re free but we aren’t pleased.
  5. If he doesn’t converse the reality, he is not going to be revered.
  6. Suresh ate a lot that he fell ailing.
  7. The lion is just too weak to stroll.
  8. Though he doesn’t work arduous but he’ll cross.
  9. All love that boy as a result of he’s very mild.
  10. He’ll have interaction a personal tutor as a result of he’s weak in English.

Train 15

  1. He ought to both come to me or ship his servant.
  2. The affected person died nonetheless the physician didn’t come on time.
  3. The sky was coated with clouds but it didn’t rain.
  4. He’s not solely fats however ugly additionally.
  5. I went to the trainer and requested him for teaching.
  6. He doesn’t attain his workplace in time but his boss is proud of him.
  7. He’s not solely clever however clever additionally.
  8. He began a enterprise for he desires to be wealthy.
  9. We will face the enemy and sacrifice our lives.
  10. He did his all papers good but he failed badly.

Train 16

  1. The solar rose and crammed the sky with gentle.
  2. Good boys work however unhealthy boys make mischiefs.
  3. He doesn’t know something so he pretends ignorance.
  4. Forests, in addition to giving us timber, additionally test soil erosion.
  5. We’re all youngsters of 1 God so we should love each other.
  6. The courageous face the challenges however cowards flee.
  7. He couldn’t go to the workplace as a result of he was ailing.
  8. Mosquitoes unfold malaria so we should destroy them.
  9. He should both work commonly or go away the job.
  10. He was injured in an accident so he went to a hospital however the physician was not out there.

Train 17
(From U.P. Board Examination Papers)

(i) My uncle can’t go for a morning stroll as a result of he’s very weak.
(ii) Ram is smart in addition to mild.

(i) The solar having set, the celebrities got here up within the sky.
(ii) She and her pal are equally lovely.

(i) His arrival is just not identified.
(ii) He labored arduous as a result of he wished to cross.

(i) Have you learnt the place has he gone?
(ii) A lame man goes to station.

(i) An outdated lady was strolling on the highway with a stick in her hand.
(ii) I can’t say that you’re fallacious.

(i) The practice had not arrived on the station by the point we reached there.
(ii) On the entry of the trainer within the class, the boys stood up.

(i) The work having been completed, we went again dwelling.
(ii) Inform me the place you have got put my e-book.

(i) It being chilly, nobody went out.
(ii) I purchased a pen which was expensive.

(i) He has three sons to coach.
(ii) When he heard the information, he was glad.

(i) He reads an outdated e-book.
(ii) The affected person had died earlier than the physician got here.

(i) Though he’s poor, he’s pleased.
(ii) He’s too poor to purchase a flat.

(i) Clever males don’t quarrel over the issues that are small.
(ii) After ending his work, he went dwelling.

(i) Having gone up the hill, Jack noticed a python.
(ii) You could begin now in any other case you’ll be late.

(i) Though she is wealthy, she is just not pleased.
(ii) He’s too fats to run quick.

(i) Tulsidas, a terrific poet, wrote the Ramcharitmanas, the holy e-book of the Hindus.
(ii) Every little thing decays however books survive.

(i) That is the truth that the solar rises within the East.
(ii) Mahatma Gandhi, a lover of peace and as soon as a lawyer, preached non-violence.

(i) Being caught within the web deer struggled arduous to flee.
(ii) Don’t delay in buying the e-book.

(i) Ram, an clever boy learning within the 12th class, may be very punctual.
(ii) My niece who practises legislation is pursuing her research-work.

(i) He got here to my father and welcomed him warmly.
(ii) On his being absent, I gave the message to his spouse.

(i) By giving them his recommendation, he helped them liberally.
(ii) As he may by no means get satisfaction, he gave up attempting.

(i) Although the lease is excessive, the home is passable.
(ii) As he’s ailing he is not going to go to varsity.

(i) Shakespeare, a terrific dramatist, wrote ‘The Service provider of Venice’.
(ii) Though I had seen the image twice, I wished to see it a 3rd time.

(i) Though he’s wealthy, he leads a easy life.
(ii) Final evening being very popular, I couldn’t have a sound sleep.

(i) Seeing a small baby very adeptly, he was overjoyed.
(ii) It’s identified to every one that he’s clever, studious and has a beneficiant thoughts.

(i) That animal could also be a fish or a serpent however it have to be one among them.
(ii) Nobody is aware of the place he’s going.

(i) He’s a uninteresting pupil but he’s very common.
(ii) It’s really accepted by every one that Abdul Kalam was a grea ted by every one that Abdul Kalam was a terrific scientist, a preferred trainer and the folks’s president.

(i) He has 4 youngsters to help.
(ii) Being a real patriot, he is not going to betray his nation.

(i) He noticed a blind man.
(ii) The boy was punished in addition to fined.

(i) A hungry tiger killed a hefty bullock.
(ii) He ran so shortly that he quickly overtook his father,

(i) He was so drained that he can’t stand.
(ii) I’ve no cash to spare.

(i) Tagore who was a terrific poet wrote a well-known e-book, Gitanjali for which he was awarded with noble prize.
(ii) Clever males love reality whereas (whereas) fools shun it.

(i) I and my brother didn’t go to Lucknow.
(ii) It’s identified to all that honesty is the most effective coverage.

(i) The solar having set, the celebrities got here up within the sky.
(ii) I reached dwelling earlier than the solar had set.

(i) It have to be completed no matter the fee is.
(ii) The sailors casted the anchor to stop the ship from drifting.

(i) Being ailing, he went to highschool.
(ii) The boy failed many occasions so he gave up his research.

(i) He’s clever and hardworking.
(ii) That is sure that good triumphs over evil in the long run.

(i) Delhi, the capital of India is an outdated metropolis.
(ii) His criticism was that you simply had deceived him.

(i) On listening to the information of her husband’s dying, she fainted.
(ii) He was obstinate so he was punished.

(i) Eat reasonably let you must fall sick.
(ii) I’m impressed with the boy whom you despatched me yesterday.

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