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“Class 12 English Translation” Chapter 2 “Tenses”

UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Translation” Chapter 2 “Tenses” (Energetic Voice and Passive Voice) are a part of UP Board Master for Class 12 English. Right here we now have given UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Translation” Chapter 2 “Tenses” (Energetic Voice and Passive Voice).

BoardUP Board
ClassClass 12
TopicEnglish Translation
Chapter Title“Tenses”
ClassClass 12 English

UP Board Master for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 2 Tenses

Train 1

  1. Pramod worships God each morning.
  2. He by no means abuses anybody.
  3. What do you do at midday ?
  4. Does your father dwell in Delhi ?
  5. I preserve my books clear.
  6. The instructor offers us check each weak.
  7. My mom loves me.
  8. Why does your sweeper not come each day?
  9. Who sings track on this room?
  10. Why does the choose not take heed to the case fastidiously ?
  11. The peon rings the second bell at quarter to 10.
  12. What number of occasions do you’ve gotten tea in a day?
  13. Our father all the time speaks the reality.
  14. What number of languages have you learnt ?
  15. Do you go to Delhi by practice each day?

Train 2

  1. He’s educating us geography.
  2. I’m not telling you a narrative.
  3. Why are you losing your time?
  4. Is the solar setting within the west ?
  5. Are the scholars sitting within the class ?
  6. What number of gardeners are working on this backyard ?
  7. I’ll rejoice my birthday the day after tomorrow.
  8. The hunter just isn’t killing the lion.
  9. This boy just isn’t telling a lie.
  10. The place is the police looking for the criminals ?
  11. Are you studying within the moonlight ?
  12. The place is your canine sleeping ?
  13. Who’s standing on the roof?
  14. I’m not speaking to you.
  15. She is educating French in Kolkata college.

Train 3

  1. He has washed his garments.
  2. I’ve not had my meals but.
  3. Has he left this faculty endlessly?
  4. Why have you ever not bathed ?
  5. The peon has not opened the rooms but.
  6. The clock has not struck twelve but.
  7. The solar has risen within the east.
  8. Why have you ever .. not marked this boy current ?
  9. Have you ever learnt this query by coronary heart ?
  10. The choose has given judgement in favour of the academics.
  11. The academics have known as off the strike within the curiosity of the scholars.
  12. Why has the federal government not fullfilled the promise to the academics ?
  13. Have you ever determined to resign from the submit ?
  14. How many individuals has the police arrested ?
  15. Has the washerman ironed all the garments ?

Train 4

  1. The place have you ever been strolling for 2 hours ?
  2. The hunters have been chasing the lion since morning.
  3. The barber has been shaving this man for ten minutes.
  4. I’ve not been writing for one yr.
  5. Why has your horse not been consuming grass for 2 days ?
  6. The kid has been weeping for one hour.
  7. What number of boys have been taking part in cricket match since yesterday ?
  8. I’ve been educating on this faculty for twenty years.
  9. We’ve got been combating elections since 1976.
  10. Our opponent has been defeating us since then.
  11. These women have been knitting sweater since midnight.
  12. The place has father been studying newspaper for ten minutes ?
  13. Why have you ever not been going for a stroll since Sunday?
  14. Has your sister been studying to sing track for one month ?
  15. The gardener has been watering vegetation since Four o’ clock.

Train 5

The solar all the time rises within the east and units within the west. However the stars twinkle throughout the sky at night time. Presently it’s getting darkish as a result of the solar has set within the west. I’ve been taking part in within the play floor since 5 o’clock. However now there isn’t a participant within the subject. All have gone residence respectively. Solely two of my pals are standing within the wait of mine. I too am going again residence. Do you additionally play some recreation each day, At what time do you attain the playground? Now our examinations are at hand. However I’ve made my preparations for the examination in full. I’ve been working laborious for 2 months. This yr our examinations are going to start on 25th Feb. Have you ever additionally accomplished preparations for the examination in full. By which class does your elder sister examine? I obtained up at 5 in morning and stroll about within the park for half an hour. Do you additionally go for a stroll in morning? The place do you stroll about? Strolling in morning is sweet for well being.

Train 6

  1. Sunil Dutt reached Amritsar yesterday.
  2. I couldn’t return your e-book yesterday.
  3. Did India purchase arms from America ?
  4. Why did you not participate within the match ?
  5. He talked to his sons on the time of demise.
  6. Our uncle by no means smoked.
  7. Why did these boys make their garments soiled ?
  8. Our washer man didn’t convey our garments yesterday.
  9. Who issued books to the scholars within the library ?
  10. The physician couldn’t give me good medication.
  11. My brother made a prolonged speech.
  12. Why may you not go to Delhi yesterday ?
  13. Did you see the image with your folks ?
  14. These kids by no means drank cow milk.
  15. Ram taught English to my two kids.

Train 7

  1. 1. The water carriers have been sprinkling water on the roads.
  2. 2. The garlands of flowers have been hanging on the doorways.
  3. 3. No sick man was roaming on the roads:
  4. 4. Was the daylight making the town lovely ?
  5. 5. Who was welcoming the prince ?
  6. A sick man was crying for assist.
  7. They weren’t considering something in regards to the future.
  8. Was Siddhartha wanting on the previous man attentively ?
  9. When was your buddy deceiving you?
  10. The poets have been singing their poems.
  11. Which phrase we e you looking for within the dictionary?
  12. Our father was not happening pilgrimage final yr.
  13. Why have been you not obeying your father ?
  14. Our instructor was not educating us this lesson yesterday.
  15. How a lot milk have been you shopping for yesterday ?

Train 8

  1. He had executed this work earlier than he went to Kolkata.
  2. Had you not departed earlier than you obtained my letter ?
  3. Did he have meals after you had reached ?
  4. The birds had flown from the tree even earlier than the solar had risen.
  5. Did the thief run away after the police had come ?
  6. He didn’t cease working laborious until he had not handed.
  7. The group dispersed after the policeman had fired.
  8. He had already given this examination.
  9. I couldn’t attain residence after the friends had gone.
  10. Had his father died earlier than he was born ?
  11. Why had the viewers gone earlier than the speech was over ?
  12. The circus present had been over earlier than 9 o’clock.
  13. The place did the scholars go after it had stopped raining ?
  14. The practice had departed even earlier than he had purchased the tickets.
  15. He wandered until he had not obtained service.

Train 9

  1. For what number of years had you been studying on this faculty ?
  2. I had been ready for you for an hour.
  3. Had you been taking Inter examination for few years ?
  4. The birds had not been flying within the air since in the present day morning.
  5. Had you been residing on this home since June ?
  6. The academics had not been coming to highschool for ten days.
  7. My father had not been smoking for 2 months.
  8. Had you been serving on this lodge for a very long time?
  9. What number of college students had been residing on this hostel since final yr?
  10. Whom had you been educating English since 10 o’clock ?
  11. This businessman had not been depositing gross sales tax for 5 years.
  12. The place had the watchman been sleeping since 2 o’clock?
  13. She had been taking care of her husband for the reason that time of marriage.
  14. The watercarrier had not been sprinkling water on the street for one month.
  15. Whom had you been writing letter to since 7 o’clock ?

Train 10

In the future wind was blowing too sturdy in night and the solar was setting within the west. Some pals went on foot to yisit to the forest. They have been six in quantity. They noticed a flower backyard at just a little distance. Two of the buddies have been keen on flowers. Leaving their pals they bumped into the backyard. Two gardeners had reached the backyard earlier than they reached. One of many gardeners had been watering the vegetation for half an hour and the opposite gardener was taking care of the vegetation. Whereas shifting about these boys reached the gardeners. One of many boys informed a gardener that they wished to pluck some flowers however on seeing them they didn’t pluck the flowers. The gardener requested them if they’d not infact, plucked the flowers. One of many pals couldn’t inform a lie. He took out two rose flowers from his pocket and informed the gardener that these have been the one two flowers that he had plucked. Within the meantime the supervisor of the gardener occurred to achieve there and high-quality him fifty rupees. The boy grew unhappy on listening to in regards to the penalty of fifty rupees for talking the reality. The supervisor defined to him that the punishment is for breaking the rule and is the same as all. The boy obtained glad and begged pardon of the supervisor.

Train 11

  1. I shall meet you in Gandhi Park within the night.
  2. We will not go for a stroll in the present day.
  3. You’ll depart this faculty.
  4. The place will you get admission now?
  5. I shall by no means inform a lie.
  6. Why will mom not make sweets ?
  7. Will you perceive English newspaper ?
  8. You’ll have to come right here tomorrow.
  9. Sunil Dutt will give message of peace to the folks.
  10. These boys shall work laborious.
  11. What number of boys will go to see Nauchandi in the present day?
  12. She is going to by no means assist her mom.
  13. When will the peon ring the bell ?
  14. The principal shall pardon your high-quality.
  15. How a lot milk will you’ve gotten in the present day?

Train 12

  1. The folks shall be rejoicing on the event of Diwali.
  2. The police shall be patrolling the town.
  3. My buddy is not going to be ready for me on the station.
  4. Will your servant not be taking wage ?
  5. Will that affected person be sleeping in mattress ?
  6. Who shall be clamouring earlier than me?
  7. Will the instructor be checking our essay?
  8. The place will your mom be sleeping ?
  9. The practice is not going to be arriving in time.
  10. The place will they be taking part in the match?
  11. We will not be going to Delhi.
  12. Why will the kids be weeping ?
  13. What number of monkeys shall be operating on the roof?
  14. How a lot milk will you be having ?
  15. When will the instructor be calling me ?

Train 13

  1. They may have gone from right here 5 years in the past.
  2. I’ll have learn the newspaper earlier than father goes out.
  3. Will he not have returned from picnic tomorrow ?
  4. This affected person can have died earlier than his sons come.
  5. Will the friends have gone earlier than the solar rises ?
  6. What number of spectators can have seen cricket match by 10th Could ?
  7. I shall not have reached my faculty by Eight O’clock.
  8. Who can have knocked on the door earlier than I come out ?
  9. Will you’ve gotten drawn the map earlier than the instructor comes ?
  10. Will the police have arrested the thieves earlier than they run away?
  11. Why will the carpenter not have ready all furnishings earlier than marriage ?
  12. Will your examination have been over earlier than eighth April ?
  13. The enemy is not going to have run away when our military reaches.
  14. The cat can have drunk all milk earlier than the mistress awakes.
  15. All of the folks can have run away earlier than the storm approaches.

Train 14

  1. Will you’ve gotten been taking part in for 2 hours ?
  2. He can have been ready for you for 2 days.
  3. What is going to this boy have been doing right here since Friday?
  4. Will the hunter have been chasing the rabbit for 2 hours ?
  5. She is not going to have been singing track since Three o’clock.
  6. Will you’ve gotten been cleansing your own home for 2 hours ?
  7. These college students is not going to have been finding out English from subsequent yr.
  8. These kids is not going to have been watching T.V. since 7 o’clock
  9. The place will the police have been chasing the thief for 2 hours ?
  10. The place will you’ve gotten been going to look at the reply books since 15th April ?
  11. Will your son have been getting ready for entrance examination subsequent yr?
  12. The federal government is not going to have been giving any leisure within the taxes from the tip of this yr.
  13. Will you’ve gotten been educating Hindi additionally since 2004 ?
  14. The washer man can have been ironing the garments for one hour.
  15. Will you’ve gotten been studying the newspaper since ten minutes ?

Train 15

The place will you rejoice your birthday and what number of pals will you invite this yr? Will some family too take part your birthday operate? A minimum of I shall be overjoyed in your birthday operate as ever. I shall be making preparations for thus to attend your birthday operate for a lot of days earlier than. This time I gives you a novel birthday reward and this shall be a stunning reward. All of the individuals attending the get together shall be wonders such on seeing it. Though all of the individuals will convey items however the reward of mine shall be distinctive of all. I’m saying this with full confidence. You’ll be receiving your folks on the entrance. Your whole pals shall be drastically completely satisfied to see you in your new costume. Your folks can have been ready for at the present time for thus many days. Will you additionally assist me in my birthday celebration. What number of hours earlier will you come on my birthday. I’ll have been ready to your arrival. You’ll be all in all in my birthday operate. I’m assured of it that you’ll make my birthday operate uniqne.

Train 16

  1. The thieves have been arrested by the police.
  2. He was requested for assist.
  3. My buddy was shot lifeless.
  4. You’ll not be pardoned.
  5. The scholars are fined by the principal,
  6. The youngsters are sorted by the mother and father.
  7. Now these books shall be bought.
  8. A movie shall be proven to us.
  9. Will a letter be despatched to me?
  10. Is that this boy praised by all of the academics ?
  11. Was this lesson not taught to the scholars ?
  12. When have been you abused by him ?
  13. The sufferers are given cow milk.
  14. The story was not informed by our grandmother.
  15. Will you be given the invitation of feast ?

Train 17

  1. This novel is being learn by me.
  2. A message was being despatched by them.
  3. Was a letter being written by the daddy ?
  4. A track is being sung by the ladies.
  5. Was a match being performed by the boys ?
  6. The boys are being punished.
  7. The stones have been being thrown on the frogs by the boys.
  8. Are they being known as ?
  9. By whom are you being taught English ?
  10. Prizes are being distributed to the boys.
  11. The automobile was being pushed by the motive force.
  12. Soccer was being performed by the boys.
  13. Medication was being given to the affected person by the physician.
  14. All sufferers are being vaccinated.
  15. Rice are being boiled by the mom.

Train 18

  1. The match can have been completed.
  2. The medication can have been given to the affected person.
  3. Our work has been completed.
  4. All the garments have been washed.
  5. The lesson has been learnt by the boys.
  6. Town had been burnt by the enemy.
  7. The garments can have been ironed by the washe rman.
  8. When had the dacoit been hanged ?
  9. Why have sweets been distributed ?
  10. The servant can have been given the order.
  11. The crops had been reaped final month.
  12. The teachings can have been revised by the scholars.
  13. All of the vegetation have been destroyed by the monkeys.
  14. Two kids have been run over by a truck.
  15. A letter had been written to our buddy by us.

Train 19

  1. The reply to this letter have to be despatched.
  2. This affected person needs to be admitted in an excellent nursing residence.
  3. This time the match may be received.
  4. The cake could also be eaten by ants.
  5. The automobile needs to be pushed slowly.
  6. The mother and father needs to be obeyed.
  7. T.V. needs to be watched from a distance.
  8. Can this case be heard ?
  9. The performs of Shakespeare may be loved.
  10. Medication have to be taken recurrently at a correct time.

Train 20

  1. The canine of this locality are being caught.
  2. Prizes are being distributed on this faculty yearly.
  3. The applying shall be despatched to the principal.
  4. Can all the scholars be known as for sensible examination ?
  5. All of your work have to be completed earlier than time.
  6. The animals shouldn’t be killed.
  7. All of the prisoners have been launched.
  8. Was this lesson not taught to you yesterday?
  9. All these sufferers shall be given medication.
  10. The invitation of the feast was despatched to you.
  11. The entire metropolis is being adorned to welcome the primeminister.
  12. What number of classes had been taught earlier than the beginning of the examination ?
  13. You’ll be welcomed with nice pomp and present.
  14. The servant can have been despatched residence earlier than it’s night.
  15. Your cow has been milked.

Train 21

  1. She goes to go away Kanpur tomorrow at 12.
  2. I’m going to achieve Delhi tomorrow at 6 p.m.
  3. The prime minister goes to America subsequent week.
  4. The chief minister goes to take oath tomorrow at Three pm.
  5. The parliament session goes to begin on 10th February.
  6. My father comes again to India in August.
  7. The prime minister is hoisting nationwide flag at Eight o’clock on 15th August.
  8. The brand new movie of Amitabh Bachchan goes to be launched in November.
  9. I’m going to rejoice my 20th birthday this month.
  10. We go to Shimla on seventh April by the night time practice.

Train 22

  1. I hear him talking.
  2. I hear some girls weeping
  3. I’ve been ready to your arrival for a very long time.
  4. I used to be considering that I ought to construct a brand new home.
  5. This curtain seems to be vivid colored.
  6. This scent smells nice.
  7. The paper appears clean.
  8. Do you perceive what he’s saying ?
  9. This instructor appears well mannered.
  10. Your buddy appears knave.
  11. These grapes style bitter.
  12. Do you hear the chicken sing ?
  13. Why do you look unhappy in the present day?
  14. I scent one thing burning within the kitchen.
  15. This shirt seems to be coarse for summer season.

Train 23

  1. Mahadevi Verma has written many poems.
  2. I learn your letter within the morning.
  3. Munesh died in an accident.
  4. The physician has examined your son simply now.
  5. He met me just lately.
  6. He examined all the reply books final night.
  7. He met me a while earlier than.
  8. I’ve had my lunch at 1 p.m. Now I shall have dinner.
  9. I studied on this faculty for 2 years.
  10. I’ve studied on this faculty for 2 years.
  11. I’m listening to some folks singing.
  12. I’m feeling nice scent out of your garments.
  13. My father lived in America for ten years.
  14. Have you ever taken your dinner?
  15. He’s feeling good now.

Train 24

  1. 1. He’s intelligent in telling lies.
  2. 2. After studying novel he went to the market.
  3. 3. Sleeping can be mandatory for man.
  4. 4. Swimming is taught in our faculty.
  5. 5. He’s uninterested in working.
  6. 6. Your son shall be stopped from watching the movie.
  7. 7. He’s keen on taking part in hockey.
  8. 8. Sleeping within the daytime is dangerous.
  9. He’s very fond of getting tea.
  10. Boasting of 1 self is unhealthy.
  11. The Sikhs hate smoking.
  12. Asking query is simpler than fixing it.
  13. Lata’s singing happy all.
  14. Your behavior of losing time just isn’t good.
  15. It’s of no use weeping now.

Train 25

  1. Some folks worship the rising solar.
  2. I noticed timber loaded with fruits.
  3. Having retired he began his enterprise.
  4. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  5. Getting into the room I discovered the grandfather lifeless.
  6. A hungry fox noticed some bunches of grapes hanging from a vine.
  7. Listening to the noise all of the neighbors awoke.
  8. Turning to the precise you’ll attain the temple.
  9. I heard her crying bitterly.
  10. You can’t neglect a nicely learnt lesson.
  11. Drained gamers sat right down to relaxation.
  12. You need to have a balanced food regimen.
  13. Having completed their work all of the clerks went to their properties.
  14. Having thanked the folks the chief completed his speech.
  15. Having buried the lifeless physique all of the folks went to their properties.

Train 26

  1. I shall get my home inbuilt Vasundhra.
  2. Did you get your hair trimmed ?
  3. She will get tea ready by her husband.
  4. By whom do you get your garments ironed ?
  5. I’ve my automobile washed by the motive force.
  6. Why do you’ve gotten your ground swept by your son ?
  7. I didn’t get my watch mended.
  8. I shall have my homework executed by my elder sister.
  9. I personally mop the ground.
  10. I shall have the cobwebs of my room cleaned by him.

Train 27

  1. Why will he have the scrap seller known as ?
  2. I shall make her prepare dinner tasty meals.
  3. He’s making Panditji worship.
  4. Mom is making her elder daughter knit the sweater.
  5. The passengers have been making the motive force drive the bus quick.
  6. The director was making the artist run quick.
  7. The magician was making the spectators marvel.
  8. Why does he make me unhappy ?
  9. I shall get you scolded by my father.
  10. The place did the captain make the troopers run ?

Train 28

  1. I labored laborious in order that I’d go.
  2. The owner discovered that the thieves had run away along with his pricey items.
  3. An previous man informed his sons that unity is power.
  4. He beloved Sonia greater than his daughters.
  5. All folks know that the canine bark at night time.
  6. I met that participant who performs badminton nicely.
  7. Your brother failed as a result of he was very weak in arithmetic.
  8. Yesterday I met a gentleman who offers in footwear.
  9. I went to the town the place he lives now.
  10. He cries as if he’s harm.
  11. There flowed a river the place there are fields now.
  12. Ram beloved me greater than he loves his brother.
  13. My class instructor informed the principal that I all the time communicate the reality.
  14. The passengers stated that they’d not pay greater than precise fare.
  15. My mom will say that I ought to work laborious.

We hope the UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Translation” Chapter 2 “Tenses” (Energetic Voice and Passive Voice) provide help to. In case you have any question concerning UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Translation” Chapter 2 “Tenses” (Energetic Voice and Passive Voice), drop a remark under and we are going to get again to you on the earliest.

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