Chapter 3 Class 11th Summary of the Lesson

Chapter 3 Class 11th Summary of the Lesson

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Class 11th
Chapter Chapter 3
Chapter Number Number 2 Summary of the Lesson
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UP Board Chapter 3 Class 11 English


Introduction: This storyhas been written byWilliam Somerset Maugham. He visisted India in 1938 and became interested in Hindu philosophy. When the au. thor was a very small boy, he was made to learn by heart the fable ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’. It teaches a useful lesson that industry is rewarded and giddiness
punished. But he could never reconcile himself to the lesson. According to the author this fable is notalways right.We see the opposite of it in real life.

The fable

The fable: The author describes the lives of two brothers-George Ramsay and Tom Ramsay. Here George stands for the Ant and Tom for the Grasshopper. George has been hard working decent, respectableand straight-forward.Tom had
beena sore trial to him for twenty years. He has beenan idle, worthless, dissolute and dishonourable rogue. He married an old woman. She died and left him halfa million pounds,ayacht,ahouse in Londonandahouse in thevillage. He enjoyed his life as bestas he could.

Tom’s wicked wavs

Tom’s wicked wavs:Throughout hislifeTom made money inall sorts of ways. He borrowed. He blackmailed George. He served in a bar or drove a taxi. George had to pay to save the honour of the family. Tom play edatrick with a man named
Cronshaw to get money from his brother.


Conclusion : Tom lived a very luxurious life throughout his life. George had always thought that Tom’s life would be miserable in the end. But it was his false notion. According to the author this fable is not correct in real life

UP Board Chapter 3 Class 11 English

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