UP Board Class 10 Commerce Chapter 23 Labour: That means, Traits and Effectivity

Organisation and Enterprise

UP Board Class 10 Commerce Chapter 23 Labour: That means, Traits and Effectivity Labour: That means, Traits and Effectivity Goal Sort Questions (1 Mark) Query 1.Labour performs a vital function in:(a) Economic system(b) Manufacturing(c) Manufacturing(d) None of thoseReply:(b) Manufacturing Query 2.Land is a passive issue of ……..(a) Manufacturing(b) Belongings(c) Organisation(d) None of thoseReply:(a) Manufacturing Query 3.Bodily labourer requires the utmost use of muscular power and ……….(a) Mentally Energy(b) Intelligency(c) Bodily Vitality(d) None of thoseReply:(c) Bodily Vitality Query 4.Psychological labour may be both skilled or ……..(a) businessmen(b) employment(c) administrative(d) None of thoseReply:(c) administrative Query 5.Effectivity means: (UP 2015)(a) Human Energy(b) Psychological Capability(c) Productive Capability(d) None of thoseReply:(d) None of those Labour: That … Read more