UP Board Chapter 4 Class 12th Summary of the Lesson

UP Board Chapter 4 Class 12th Summary of the Lesson
BoardUP Board
Text bookNCERT
Class 12th
Chapter Chapter 4
Chapter nameTHE HORSE
Chapter Number Number 2 Summary of the Lesson
CategoryEnglish PROSE Class 12th


Introduction : This story has been written by Rabindranath Tagore. He was a Bengali poet and writer. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. He
wrote this story not only to amuse the reader but also there is a lesson too in it. In The Horse’ we have a moral lesson in the end. The greatness of man’s heart lies in
his accepting the burdens of life.

Creation of horse

Creation of horse : After creating the universe God wanted to make a new ecies of animal. Most of the heavier and harder stuff had been used up.The
lighter was in store. This time God used only a little of the harder materials. He made the horse,

Qualities of horse

Qualities of horse: The horse had neither hors nor claws. He had got teeth only to chew, not to bite. He ran fast from here to there aimlessly in the field. He did
not fight. He did not pounce on the prey. It could help on battle field.

Captured by man

Captured by man: On the other side of the field lived man. He had many burdens. He thought that he could shift some of his burden on the back of the horse. He captured it and tied within the four walls of the room. It kicked wildly at the walls of the room, Man took firm measures against the horse and tamed.

Set free

Set free: The horse used to neigh with sorrow. One day God heard the neighing of the horse. He blamed Death. Death showed Him that the horse was in the house
of man. God compelled man to set it free. But man deceived God. He corded together the front legs of the horse and set it free. It could only hop about like a frog. From heaven God could not see the cord. He felt shame for the creature and gave it back

Moral of the story

Moral of the story: The Creator (God) said, “Yes, but by accepting the burden, you will show your greatness of heart.”

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