UP Board chapter 5 Class 12th Comprehension Questions on Paras

UP Board chapter 5 Class 12th Comprehension Questions on Paras
BoardUP Board
Text bookNCERT
Class 12th
Chapter Chapter 5
Chapter nameI AM JOHN’S HEART
Chapter Number Number 4 Comprehension Questions on Paras
CategoryEnglish PROSE Class 12th

Q. Read the following passages and answer the questions given below:

(1) I hang by ligaments in the centre of his chest. I am about 15 cm. long and, at my widest point, 10 cm. across-more pearshaped than Valentine. Whatever you
may have heard about me from poets, I am not a very romantic character. I am just a hardworking four-chambered pump–actually two pump,s one to move blood to the lungs. the other to push it out into the body. Everyday I pump blood through about 96.000 Km of blood vessels. That’s enough pumping to fill an 18.000 litre tank


  1. Where is human heart located?
  2. What is the length and breadth of heart?
  3. How many pumps work in human heart?
  4. What do you understand by the expression “not a very romantic character”?


  1. Human heart hangs in the centre of the chest.
  2. The length of the heart is 15cm. and breadth is 10 cm.
  3. Two pumps work in human heart.
  4. The expression “not a very romantic character” means the nature of heart is not romantic.

(2) No one knows how it happens, but early in life-sometimes even at birth fatty deposits begin to build up in the coronary arteries. Gradually, they can close an artery, or a clot may form to close it suddenly. Where an artery becomes blocked, the portion of the heart muscle it feeds, dies. This leaves scar tissue-it may be no large than a small marble, but it can be half the size of a tennis ball. How serious the trouble is depends on the size and
position of the plugged artery. .


  1. What sort of substances block an artery?
  2. At what stage of life is an artery likely to get blocked?
  3. How does the plugged artery affect the heart?
  4. What should we do to avoid heart attack ?


  1. Fatty deposits block an artery.
  2. An artery is likely to get blocked in any age of life.
  3. It may produce a clot in artery
    4 We should avoid fatty meal to avoid heart attack.

(3) That brings me to John’s blood pressure. It’s 140/90–the upper limit of normal for his age. The 140 measures the pressure I work against while contracting
and the 90 is the pressure while I am resting between beats. The lower figure is the more important. The higher that figure rises, the less rest I get. And without adequate
rest a heart simply works itself to death.

Questions :

  1. What is the upper limit of normal blood pressure of the middle aged people?
  2. What is the normal pressure when the heart contracts?
  3. What is the normal pressure when the heart rests between the beats?
  4. what is the danger when the heart does not get the adequate rest?


  1. The upper limit of normal blood pressure of the middle aged people is 140/90.
  2. When the heart contracts the normal pressure is 140..
  3. The normal pressure when the heart rests between the beats is 90.
  4. When the heart does not get the adequate rest it simply works itself to death,

(4) There are a lot of things John could do to get his blood pressure down to safer levels. The first is to get rid of excess weight. He would be surprised at the
drop in blood-pressure that would follow. Smoking is another thing. John smokes 40 cigarettes a day– which means he may be absorbing quite an amount of nicotine every 24 hours. This is pretty violent stuft. It constricts arteries-particularly in the hands and feet-which raises the pressure against which I must work. It also stimulates me so that I beat more rapidly, a cigarette increases my beat from a normal 72 into the 80’s. John tells
himself that it is too late to give up smoking–that the damage is done. But, if he could get rid of constant nicotine stimulation, things would be easier for ine.


  1. What is the harm in putting on excess body weight?
  2. What would surprise fohn ?
  3. Why is smoking so harmful ?
  4. How can things be made easier for John’s heart?


  1. Body weight can cause blood-pressure.
  2. The decrease in blood pressure that would come afterwards, would Surprise John,
  3. Smoking puts a big amount of poisonous substance called nicotine in man. It shrinks the arteries. It increases blood-pressure.
  4. Things can be easier for John’s heart if he gets rid of continuous excitement of nicotine
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