UP Board Chapter 5 Class 12th Summary of the Lesson

UP Board Chapter 5 Class 12th Summary of the Lesson
BoardUP Board
Text bookNCERT
Class 12th
Chapter Chapter 5
Chapter nameI AM JOHN’S HEART
Chapter Number Number 2 Summary of the Lesson
CategoryEnglish PROSE Class 12th


Introduction : This lesson has been written by J.D. Ratcliff. He writes heart speak out its own story
scientific subiects. Here the writer makes the human heart speak out its owner The lesson takes up the various aspects of the heart and its work- anatomy, fumett. maladies and the precautions for preventing them.

Function of heart

Function of heart: The heart is hard-working. It is neither romantic nor delicate. Stronger than any other muscle in the body the heart works day and niche for more than seventy years. But it takes rest too. It rests between beats for about half a second each time. And during sleep the beat slows down.

Man’s reactions

Man’s reactions: Man worries about the heart in wrong directions. Sometimes man thinks that his heart has skipped a beat but it is not true. Man thinks that his
heart is beating fast. It is also wrong. When man runs, his heart runs too. When man takes rest his, heart also takes rest. After fatty food his heart feels trouble, it is also


Nourishment: Blood is the food of heart. It gets nourishment from the blood. It does not extract nourishment from the blood passing through its chambers. It has its own two coronary arteries. These arteries feed it.

Heart trouble

Heart trouble : When some trouble arises in the arteries it is called heart attack. It can cause death. Fatty deposits begin to build up in the coronary arteries, Gradually they close the artery. The artery then cannot feed the heart muscle. The muscle dies.


Conclusion : Man should adopt some precautions in the matter of heart nourishmeni. Man should avoid aver-weight, over-work, smoking, constant fretting, vigorous and sudden exercise and fatty food

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